The Goose Is Getting Fat

Six fifty.

It was so dark outside that I couldn’t see where I was stepping, except in places where there was a streetlight. Yesterday the City of Eugene came to pick up the leaves from the curbside in my neighborhood, and Aesop barked at them while I was on my iPad with the therapist. Now there are spots on the street of leaf pulp that can be very slippery and perfidious in the darkness. Generally the streets are still wet from the showers yesterday all day. I bought Aesop a mixed pouch of chicken and beef jerky strips for 30 cents each and I got my Snapples 2 for $3. The pickings were rather slim for food for me but I never say anything about it. I see the twilight before sunup, mauve until it goes to gray a little later. Finally, in my mailbox I found a greeting card from Pastor Joe, a member of our church. I haven’t opened it yet, though I know it can’t be anything bad. I’m not in a hurry to do anything today…

The card says, “Wishing you a blessed Christmas. Rock on! With love, Pastor Joe.”

And out of doors, the official sunrise is only five minutes away. Through the gray shroud you can see it now anyway. My olfactory imagination recalls the scent of real Christmas trees. There’s nothing else I have to do today. 


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