Hello and welcome to robgradens. This domain is dedicated to posts about my schizophrenic life. Schizophrenia is a mental illness that strikes 1 in 100 people in a given population. There is no cure, but with proper treatment, esp with antipsychotic medication and cognitive behavior therapy, those diagnosed can live fulfilling lives. In the summer of 2018 I encountered hard times with a rather bad therapist who tried to steer me wrong. This misadventure was unfortunate, but such things happen. The posts the reader finds from between roughly May and September 2018 contain bitter thoughts and feelings regarding this therapist and the damages she did to me. Eventually I may or may not trash these posts. The reader may look at or disregard these posts at their discretion. Otherwise, each post portrays observations of events, of feelings and thoughts, directly or indirectly relating to my illness. Many of them are copied from my offline journals. It is my hope that these observations will illuminate the inner world of schizophrenia to both sufferers and laypeople, and more importantly, indicate a direction, a course of treatment, towards a cure. Thank you and enjoy your stay.

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