Quarter after five.

I think I’ll get myself a Coke at the store today because everyone deserves to splurge a little no matter what time of year it is. And Aesop will get more of his favorite chicken jerky. It’s a strange state of affairs when no one gets any pleasure from life whatsoever. I used to be a rabid alcoholic but now it’s been over four years without booze. I think that life is totally worth living without alcohol if you make your life a project to pursue freedom and happiness.

It’s another two hours until the dawn, but Michelle opens the market at six o’clock every weekday. The forecast last night said rain for today, yet so far it’s not happening. Something keeps delaying it, but it’s superstitious to say a “finger of God” is responsible. I got quite annoyed at the naturalist writer Loren Eiseley for spoiling the picture of natural history with his precepts of God. According to him, Darwin’s natural selection is not enough to explain how the human brain came to be what it is. Also he said that it takes more than a few elements interacting together to make something like life. He suggested something miraculous was involved. I just wonder if he was really a serious scientist. What does Richard Dawkins have to say about his ideas?

The debate on God in the United States will probably go on forever or until we are no longer a country. Religion dies hard, just as capitalism does. And another thing that never goes away is racism…