Clothed in Heavenly Light,

Neil Peart appeared to me

In a half waking dream

And taught me the meaning

Of his song “Heresy”

On the Rush disc of thirty years ago.

It was important to me

Not only because of the Berlin Wall

But it was the year I fell ill

With this dreaded disease

That changed the whole course

Of my life,

Giving it a purpose 

Unguessed by the living,

But to Mr Peart

It makes perfect sense

In the unfathomed ways

Of the Other Side. 


I dreamed that I went to the memorial concert for Neil Peart held in his hometown. It was a huge festival for musicians and poets, and the music was all performed on xylophone in his honor. Poets did readings and workshops and discussed high things in true Renaissance spirit. At first, I was watching the concert on television with my mother, then by some magic I was transported into the scene. I also dreamed about the bass guitar I built for myself last summer. I showed it to my mother. I made it play itself by remote control somehow. The tune was “Bubble House.” Mark the drummer appeared in the dream. Our cell phones got mixed up with each other. I ended up using an old phone that had been Mom’s because I couldn’t find mine. Eventually the concert for Peart came on her television screen and she reported to me what was happening. The event brought together people from all walks of life, everybody who loved music and poetry. It was a point of convergence and a great spiritual experience. And people who formerly hadn’t known who Neil Peart was became curious about him.