Red Blood; or, Nerves on a Screen

Quarter of seven.

Daylight has just begun to show, but I’ve already gone to the store and back. On the street I passed the same old dummy walking his dog Shadow without a leash, which in this county is illegal. But I guess no one is entirely innocent… The memory of my parents gets hazier all the time. Even so, I still bristle when a person denounces an epicurean lifestyle to my face; I want to say, “You self righteous hypocrite: how dare you?” The fact is that every one of us is mortal and human with red blood, no matter what your religion tells you about the fate of your soul. God should make everyone’s soul visible, and then let us judge each other truly, for good. What wickedness lives in the heart of your neighbor, the one who points the finger at everyone else? We’ve all got something to feel ashamed of, so quit being Judge Judy and shut up.

When the accused are absent, then of course I’ll come to their defense, especially if the ones in question are my parents.

Honor thy father and mother.

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