Footprints in Fog

Eight thirty.

There’s a little fogginess in the neighborhood. When I got to the market, the place was pretty jammed with customers, most of whom take less than five minutes to shop and go out the door… I just had a memory of something that happened very long ago, when I was a student at university. A friend named Doug and I had just taken the final exam in history class and so we took my car to the Dunkin Donuts on Franklin Boulevard for the fun of it. No idea what we talked about. The campus life was a much smaller world than I’d believed it was. I ran into a lot of the same students from term to term and class to class and got to know them fairly well… I remember part of a lecture on Freud in that class. Dr McGowan said that, according to Freud, human beings were never meant to leave the mother’s womb. This gave me an eerie feeling yet I was fascinated. It was indeed a long time ago. Nobody takes Freud seriously anymore, and he was only a theorist after all… The fog thickens across the way and the birds are scarcely awake. Every day seems very strange to me: truth is stranger than fiction.


One thought on “Footprints in Fog

  1. Huh. I’ve never read that before about Freud. Can’t find a reference for it, but it doesn’t surprise me. After all, it is also said he claimed, ‘to derive all his concepts from experience’ – which maybe says a lot about Freud. 😉


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