Ten o’clock.

Doing my best to stay awake. Meanwhile, some people are just getting up. This isn’t much fun. I’m killing time but there’s nothing ahead for today; I might as well go to bed.

Eleven o’clock.

I just got a duplicate package from my health insurance company, a kit of odds and ends in the interest of wellness. I don’t need two of them, so I don’t know what to do with this one yet… Yesterday I saw a mourning dove feeding on the ground under the magnolia: the most beautiful sight. Milky and gray with a small silky white head and long tail. It was there again this morning and a little junco stood nearby, while the sparrows kept busy about their birdhouse. Clouds have moved in since early partly cloudiness and they said rain for late this afternoon. My dog Aesop has been sulky and bored the past few days and his mood gets me down as well. Tomorrow I should get Gloria again and we might go out to lunch. Till then I’m sort of treading water and marking time. It’s become a gray day, rather glum and cheerless as I wait on the high sea for the ship to come rescue me. I can give the other wellness kit to Gloria. And to stay awake there’s hot Lipton tea. 

It all works out for the best in the end (although I waver on that point). And then you begin to wonder about theodicy: the existence of evil in a good world. Maybe life is tragicomic in itself, before we try to figure it out and shape it the way we like. Maybe there’s no endpoint from which to judge the meaning.

I still haven’t solved Aesop’s problem. In the meantime, my friend will be reading Pollyanna… 


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