Quack 🦆 Attack!

Eight ten.

A morning of thick fog, typical of Oregon October. I feel better for having missed my medication last night. The Ducks beat the Cougars last Saturday, I learned belatedly from Lisa just today. Washington State was the school where my brother got his doctorate, so I’m glad that my school won the game. Now Oregon has to play Stanford, but it’s a home game this time: home field advantage, and our fans are very obnoxious and rowdy. My sister always says something bad about the Ducks, no matter what they do. It’s because she blew her opportunity to go to college before I was ever born. Today she is totally sour grapes on higher education, especially universities, and she despises the word “intellectual.” But it’s entirely her own problem, and her fault and her bad judgment when she was young and hotheaded. I doubt if she remembers, and I wasn’t yet born. Still the feud over college football rages on. I hope the Beavers screw up royally and don’t get a bowl game. To my mind, the Ducks are always the underdog, and I root for the underdog.


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