Wee hours.

I just want to feel that the blogging I do is worthy and worthwhile. My sister thinks I ought to have a job that earns money for my sense of self esteem. She doesn’t understand the value of writing, its utility, its beauty: its indispensability. I don’t want a pedestrian job that goes nowhere. Sometimes it seems that nothing I do leads to fruition and this thing called success. But the definition of success is relative to each individual. If I were to attain a degree of fame or notoriety by my writing then I’d count myself a successful man. The naysaying from my sister may serve to motivate me a bit more: it drives me to defy her and her small minded opinions. I remember now how I felt toward the family at the start of my recovery, my reasons for blogging versus Facebook and for deactivating my Facebook account… Never allow other people to shame you into or out of anything. Don’t feel guilty when your values clash with theirs. Be proud of who you are and what you do. What others may see as foolish idealism is your winning lottery ticket. Their pragmatism is only proof of their blindness. Let them grub for transitory things. We have more important things to accomplish. 


2 thoughts on “Success

  1. When one must write, there is no force in the world – other than one – that can stop the need. Telling someone that their writing is of no value or has less value than the world allows is a cruelty dished out by those who cannot write or who do not live on the same parallel as a writer, regardless of how much they might love the writer.

    Are you harming anyone but yourself? Obviously the first question to be asked. If you have a family, responsibilities such as children who need to be fed and clothed, then yes the writer must sometimes ignore his calling to serve those whom he loves and must take care of – otherwise, how a man spends his days as a writer should not bother anyone, if he is not inconveniencing anyone else – then why would he change who he is so long as he is not hurting himself or others? Writing is so private.

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