Quarter of nine.

People are pretty picky about money these days. I just had a rather sharky experience with my creditors concerning the loveseat I bought last month. To make a payment, the money has to come out of your checking or savings account. A credit card is not accepted. My day is just getting off to a lousy start. More and more I get the feeling that I don’t belong in this world as it is. The heart and soul have gone out of our existence. People want your money and they want it now. Even in church, people are success oriented, thinking of how much money they can make. This was the uneasy feeling I got yesterday after church. It’s not about love anymore. Are all churches like mine? I don’t even own a car, and my voice is like one crying in the wilderness. I feel trampled underfoot even by these so-called Christians. But who knows? Maybe I’m wrong and they’re right, and I should quit writing this blog. Nobody gives a fuck anyway. You know what your reward is. Drive your fancy cars and go to hell.

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