Hard to Find

Six o’clock.

Barb, Pastor’s wife, will pick me up for church today at nine forty five. The way I decided to attend was rather passive, kind of leaving it to fate. I would have been okay with either outcome, I think, but I’m glad it happened this way. The weather information says it’s cloudy, but looking out my window, I see clear skies. And we’re expected to take things on faith? Use your own judgment. I keep forgetting to look for my old copy of 1984, the George Orwell classic… Correction: as the light grows, it appears more overcast. Still, many times they say we have rain when there is none. I remember how the United States searched for “weapons of mass destruction” supposedly in the hands of Hussein almost 20 years ago. But that’s me being cynical, and cynicism is easier than optimism. It tends to make you feel depressed. I once thought our government used American incomprehension of other cultures against us, and as an excuse to seize oil and other commodities from Iraq or wherever. But today I plan on going to a Christian church for a dose of theology?

Friends are hard to find. Often, making friends makes enemies at the same time. It’s hard to know what to do.


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