Green Shirts

Six twenty.

The morning is dark and cloudy. Yesterday I realized that I’d been putting pressure on myself where it was unnecessary, resulting in depression. I decided not to use “should” statements with myself. I am motivated by delight more than by duty. Aesop was uptight yesterday for most of the day and the weather got very warm.

Quarter after seven.

The store was quite busy, but I didn’t see any women customers at all. My brother told me about a restaurant in Ohio, Skyline Chili, that put chili on everything. You could get pasta, but they covered it with chili. But the observation he made was that the customers were all guys; you never saw a woman in the place… The guys in the market were courteous and kind to one another. Mostly blue collar types on their way to work. In the afternoon yesterday I lay in bed to take a nap when, looking out the window, I was surprised to see a man in a lime green shirt in the top of a fir tree. I watched him as he trimmed the limbs and eventually climbed down… I saw one woman while I was out: she walked her dog southward on my street and we traded greetings. My dog is settled for now since I gave him some chicken jerky. Each strip is only 30 cents. I’ve heard of people buying it for themselves to eat because it’s so cheap. By the way, the price on my Italian sandwich went up 50 cents… I see many guys in fluorescent shirts. But by coincidence I notice that the shirt I’m wearing today is also green.


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