A Hunch

Nine fifty at night.

If bipartisan politics is a trap a person can fall into, then it has happened to me lately. But I see politics like a Hegelian, a force of history striding left to right as a yo-yo or a pendulum swings. Still, enough isn’t said for the unity of humankind, and maybe this is because my family is a divided and broken harmonium. Today I made a discovery, if my guess is right. The girl who cashiers at Carl’s Jr., Alexis, may be the daughter of a musical friend I used to know, Roman. We had a friendship that ended in a disagreement over politics, and also my drinking problem got in the way of good judgment. The small world I observed has shrunk even smaller. And there was a reason why I was buying Peace Tea at the market around the corner. My hunch about Alexis could be wrong, but do I have anything to lose by asking her about her family? It’s very possible that she remembers me from when she was a five year old girl. How amazing if the discord of the past twelve years could be repaired and harmony was allowed to sound among us again! It’d be like grace. 


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