Quarter after one.

The media is making another mistake. The more publicity they give to the mass shootings in America, the more people are going to do that just for the attention. What they are doing creates a vicious circle that spirals out of control.

But not that we shouldn’t repeal the Second Amendment.

In some countries, not even the police have firearms. It seems to work for them okay.

Why do we have to be special? The cost is too great. We stand to gain a lot by joining with the rest of the world. A Brit who was visiting Eugene said to me once, “Only in America can you have a World Series where all of the teams are American.”

We need to swallow our pride and be realistic. Other countries will call us stupid if we don’t. They call us that anyway. So don’t give them ammunition.


5 thoughts on “Ammo

      1. I definitely feel quite the way Henry James used to a hundred years ago. I wonder what he might say today about the place of his birth?

        There must be someplace we can go. Or maybe just pretend with a good book…

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      2. I think Henry James wouldn’t be able to comprehend what’s happening in the place of his birth. He would probably question his own sanity.

        During the Jan. 6 insurrection, my husband and I were checking home prices in Economy, Nova Scotia, where my maternal grandmother grew up. There’s not much there except cliffs, marshland, and blueberries.

        From a practical persepctive, I’m going with pretending with a good book–and setting my current fiction and poetry projects firmly in the past.

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