Thursday Trivia

Nine o’clock.

It’s colder this morning and the sky is lemon. Kat stopped me in front of her house and gave me her number in case her renters make any trouble. Lisa at the store was extremely busy and rather stressed out, so I hope she gets through the day okay. Luckily this is the last day of March, which was a difficult month for me. It’s quite strange to be sober during the current state of the world, and yet it’s treating me like a king in some ways. I guess the best approach is to not be in a hurry each day. I feel like a radar telescope or something with a fix on attitudes everywhere in our culture. It may be a delusion of thought insertion, or maybe I have a bit of clairvoyance… I should ask my neighbor again regarding his help with modifying my Fender bass. This could be kind of fun; something technical to do. Di Marzio pickups have a hot output and a milky tone, depending on the particular model… If I can possibly afford it this summer, I want to get a washing machine and a drying rack. Meanwhile my grass is growing like gang busters. It’s getting expensive to live these days.

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