Blue Colors

Ten forty at night.

I must’ve hit the nail on the head, because everybody skedaddled from my blog when I posted about the Democrats. In that case, I believe I’ve been in the wrong place for the last five years. For the record, I am a Democrat and have always been a Democrat. In my very first election I voted for Jesse Jackson for President of the United States because it was the right thing to do, even though in 1988 the country wasn’t ready for a Black President. When George H. W. Bush was elected instead, my mother said that was the last straw and had me drive her Downtown to change her voter registration to Democrat. I remember that day with pride. It meant so much to her at that stage in her life to give voice to her convictions… Readers can forsake my blog now all they want if that’s how they feel about it. Meanwhile I’ll be looking for a different online platform to jump over to. It’s been an interesting stay on WordPress, but it looks like it has come to an end. Farewell to all of you. 

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