Nobody’s Perfect

Nine ten.

At the store, I confessed to Heather what a mess my house is on the inside and that I was really nervous about having a PCA come and help. She had some kind things to say and now I feel a little better about it. This morning is sunny and nice. Last week was pretty rough on me, from the time of the power outage on Monday morning. It seemed like something supernatural to me, an omen or some other divine intervention… Aesop is really whining for his breakfast, so I’d better feed him now… So anyway, it feels like doomsday is coming to my house very soon and I’m trying to avoid feelings of guilt and shame until this happens. Some people are more critical than others. Years ago my old psychiatrist and my sister judged me very harshly, and this made me curl up in a fetal position with my feelings. It’s really not worth it to feel so terrible at the hands of another person who is no more innocent than you are. Nobody is stainless in a moral way, so we should give each other a break. Who made the rules, anyway? Who says? 


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