Sunday Morning

Eight thirty five.

Bright sunshine and freezing this morning. Heather may or may not come to work next weekend, so I took a few minutes and talked with her before she leaves Community Market. It’s a Sunday morning, therefore business was slow. I met with only two other people out of the house. Music: the Marcus Miller version of “Teen Town.” Yesterday I reminisced on my working years, but that’s because I had a Coke, which was my beverage of choice back in the day. I’ve been very sensitive recently. I think it started with my trip Downtown last Wednesday, where I didn’t know anybody and I just spun my wheels uselessly. Although, my curiosity was satisfied about a few things. Most of all I witnessed the apathy that people generally seem to feel these days; apathy and indifference to each other and to their existence, as if to mirror the Absurd. But people are tired of hearing that they are tired. I’d love to strike up interest in forming a rock band, if musicians don’t overindulge in drugs and otherwise sabotage the music. Is that too much to ask of a situation?… A friend told me she thought my comfort level had been wavering for the past few months. If she means my self confidence, then I can see that. Right now I feel like taking charge of my life, wresting away power from others who believe they know what’s best for me. When I do this, Atlas will probably shrug. 


3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

  1. Surely “straight-edge” musicians are still a thing? At least, middle-aged men with jobs who like to jam but are averse to substance abuse exist – but admittedly, I haven’t found them. Still playing with myself…😉

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