Wee hours of Thursday.

The wet weather continues. I think that with the current trends in psychology, certain good things are being forgotten, or maybe just not discussed anymore. I have a painting by Picasso in my mind called Joie de Vivre, made to celebrate the end of WW2 and remind us of the things that give us happiness. Today’s culture looks upon such things with incomprehension. I remember giving a book of Salvador Dali to a friend who I thought could use it because she had an interest in being an artist. A few days later she returned it to me saying that it was bizarre. But the art really expressed some truths of psychoanalysis that apparently were above her head. At the time, I took the rejection hard, so I gave the book away to St Vinnie’s, now to my regret… It was a beautiful book that I bought from Borders for only twenty dollars, and a very full collection of his paintings… I guess the point is to trust yourself when you find something of great value to you, and persist in the face of the world’s ignorance. Public opinion is cheap and uninformed. Everything is geared towards making money, whether or not they’re selling quality. If nothing gold can stay, then it’s also true that cream rises to the top. In the end it’s not about the money, or the kind of gold I mean is psychological, and what Mephistopheles has to offer in the second part of Faust… When people are blind and obtuse, just consider the source if they say your taste is bizarre. Whoever said taste makes waste was an idiot. 


8 thoughts on “Taste

      1. This dim bulb doesn’t have much light to shine. Let me read your post again and if I have a thought worth expressing, or am capable, I will.

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  1. I consulted the oracle and got crickets. Well yes, ‘taste makes waste’ also refers to an episode of Garfield. How’s that for oracular gibberish? ( But in that case I concur because I usually found Garfield to be pretty idiotic.) But what I was questioning was something only much more pedestrian and that is: Are we always wise to make value judgements about others or the culture at the popular level when they doesn’t synch with our own desires or expectations? I do it all the time and end up eating a lot of crow. Sometimes there is treasure buried in what appears to be trash. ( Sorry, that is really sickenly trite. ) But about the artwork itself – there is no lonlier occupation if you want to get strokes for your efforts. And I think the same is true when you try to share your appreciation for an artist with others. It’s Parsifal’s quest that takes place in the forest without a path.( Trite trite trite trite trite. I hate words and my peabrain but they are all I have.)

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    1. A briefer way of saying the whole thing is that taste is relative and not absolute. And I would have to agree with your point. Or, one’s own taste is not itself an absolute, and if you believed it so, your Mein Kampf would probably supersede every book (I forgot we’re not talking about books) in every household, given the power, charisma, and influence.

      And as an artist yourself, your comments pack more weight than mine in this instance. But I admire your humility and also the broad base of wisdom you decline to acknowledge. I really appreciate your time and efforts to make these comments, and I think you sell yourself short. How many people can say they’ve read Edward Gibbon, let alone can quote it from memory?

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      1. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I was having a rough day yesterday and shouldn’t have commented at all. Glad we are still friends.

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