Glimmer of Sun

Quarter after seven.

Even though the forecast says it’s cloudy, I can hear it raining outside. Never take another person’s version of the truth. I really didn’t like yesterday’s A— News. Maybe I’m not a Democrat anymore, seeing the effects of the current politics.

Eight thirty five.

My mood is better just now. I’ve been to the store and had my Snapple tea. I saw four teenagers grabbing a snack at the market before they went to school. Cathy manned the registers by herself. Again Michelle was not there, but I had no time to ask about her, for the store was rather busy. I notice the clouds breaking up to the east and there’s a reprieve from the rain. I look forward to the spring, when my utility bill is lower and I’ll have a little pocket money to do some things I want to do. I know I can’t afford to buy a car; just being realistic. Every form of transportation is very expensive nowadays, pricing me out of my lifestyle. And maybe my rock and roll days are over anyway. It’s interesting just to watch the wheels turn around, as long as I don’t have to get too involved. Otherwise it’s very hard to be a person in society today. The worst part of it is being told what to think regarding the nature of reality, when the door ought to be left wide open for speculation. I just saw a glimmer of sun on the magnolia leaves. To dream the impossible dream of freedom for all: Don Quixote wasn’t at all crazy.

Quarter of ten. My dog Aesop is cute when he enjoys a cookie. He seems pretty relaxed this morning. As for me, some things are out of my hands, so I might as well take it easy, maybe read a good book today. 

3 thoughts on “Glimmer of Sun

  1. Rob, please. It’s not my business to get into your politics, but the Democrats are all we have to keep the haters and psychopaths from getting into office right now. The haters are trying to make 1984 a reality. Truth is fake and fake is truth to them. They want to destroy freedom and kindness in their twisted version of conservatism and Christianity.

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    1. Hi Philip. You know, I wasn’t really thinking either/or about my politics. I’m certainly not a Republican or a fan of the latest fascism and all that horror we just saw a year ago. I’m trying to think outside the box, I guess, and restore some masculinity to what I see taking over current psychology. I have no desire to start being a gay person or whatever just because of a feministic ideal. Or maybe I’m blaming the wrong people for the trends I perceive. But I totally agree with you about extremes. Things are polarized to a ridiculous degree. I never voted for DT and I never will. I just want life to be like it was when I went to school and studied Chaucer and James Joyce— though I see the fallacy of turning back clock and calendar. Frankly I don’t know what we should do.

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  2. Phew! I was sure that you’re not like them but I panic when I hear any mention of unhappiness with the Democrats because some of my childhood friends and relatives have morphed into arch conservatives. For me that means that they have yielded to their inner demons of cruelty and hate. It would help if the Democratic politicians wouldn’t make promises they can’t keep when running for office. ( Ha ha,in Thomas More’s Utopia anyone who would be so hubristic as to campaign for office would be automatically disqualified.) I hope that you will return to your scholarly pursuits in a formal setting when the time is right, if that is what you mean. Personally, I’ve always been a colossal failure in academia, but ironically I love classes and school. Self sabotage, I suppose. Anyway- best wishes Rob, and thanks.

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