The Honest Way

Seven fifty five.

I might be doing too much caffeine lately, and this affects my nervous system adversely. For whatever reason, I feel pretty lousy today. Aesop is moody and pouting because I did three or four things yesterday that he didn’t approve of. He seems to keep score and then punishes me with his cold shoulder. Outside, more winter weather, very dark and wet. Ugly. It’s going to keep raining all morning. I’ll be interviewing a person for the PCA job at one o’clock today. Not very happy about it. Michelle was absent from work for two days, so I wonder if she’ll take the whole week off. Cathy and Heather held down the fort yesterday.

Quarter after nine. The rain was light. I never used my umbrella on my little pilgrimage. I spent eighteen dollars on four items, and Michelle was gone again today. A lot of customers go there in the morning to buy a pack of cigarettes in addition to their grocery stuff. Cathy doesn’t know me that well… I was thinking about the toxic relationship I used to have with my brother. Alcoholism makes life more difficult. I have some regrets for the things I did when I drank; stupid things, dangerous things. I was dishonorable, though a part of me tried to be honest and do what was right. Interesting how the honest way is the way of virtue and not of darkness and disgrace. Of sunshine, not winter rain. The heart knows what is right. 

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