Monday, Monday

Quarter after eight.

I’ve had my little trip to the store this morning and seen some people. Kat said good morning as I trudged past her house on the corner. She was getting ready to go someplace in her black Dodge Caravan. When I reached the sidewalk to Maxwell Road, cars whizzed by me while I stopped to adjust my bandanna. I crossed paths with a bearded man who stared straight ahead and didn’t acknowledge my presence at all. Then, inside the market, Michelle told me about her weekend. Her son was released from jail, but she had mixed feelings because he isn’t very stable right now. I hear about a lot of people with problems who don’t take their meds and do what they’re supposed to. I wonder why that is? Maybe it’s because they fear the side effects or whatever. Michelle also complained that the weekend staff hadn’t done any of the chores around the store. So I felt I was being a sympathetic ear for her. Finally, on my return trip, the woman who lives in the green house went by and waved through the driver’s side window. I wonder if she lives alone in that house? We’ve never met each other formally. She might be kind of nice. And as I walked up my driveway, Diana said good morning. Right now, the sky is a solid white. I have a Telehealth visit with a new therapist very soon today. I’m hoping it goes well. 


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