An Easier Life

Six thirty.

Can a person be driven mad by Modernism? My old psychiatrist said no. Introspection doesn’t cause psychosis, and my illness would have happened anyway. A few hours ago I sat and read two chapters of Connecticut Yankee. I’m past the halfway mark into the book. Consistently it debunks superstition, and also it advocates democracy and deplores injustice and oppression… I just heard Bonnie Rose leave in her truck, probably for work today. Those neighbors are very unsociable with me. Diana seems to trust only Cherie from up the street. There’s a hint of the light of dawn, purple gray. My mind is racked between Romantic primitivism and a realistic society, or between psychosis and sanity. It pulls my head apart when I try to sleep at night. But the thing to do is accept myself and forgive my weaknesses. Mostly I agree with Twain’s disapproval of magic and other nonsense, yet it’s only because of the medication I take. Without it, I might be susceptible to miraculous thinking like a lot of people. I feel cold in this room right now. I can see through the front window that it’s foggy out. Aesop rolls onto his back and stretches himself. His life is easier than mine. He never heard of the pandemic or climate change, and his belief system is marrow snacks. 


4 thoughts on “An Easier Life

  1. Rob- Do you mind it if I reply to your posts as frequently as I have been doing? I don’t wish to become tedious or annoying. I’m aware that I can be and will back off if I seem to be intruding.
    I haven’t read Connecticut Yankee in decades but one of Twains’ passages has always resonated with me. He points out that Morgan was a reasonable man who knew that if he threw a stick in a crowd that it would hit ten men better than himself. ( Have I got that right or am I embroidering ? ) What a beautiful way to approach life if we can do it without being undermined by feelings of inferiority.


    1. I’m totally fine with your comments, so don’t worry about it. Regarding the passage you quote, I don’t remember it per se. However, it strikes me as ironic after seeing Morgan blow up Merlin’s tower and show him up with the Fountain of Holiness, etc. I would say he is rather pompous with his displays of the superiority of technology to the magic of Camelot, and his attitude towards religion and so forth is quite irreverent— even though I agree with him. But I don’t think Morgan has a problem with inferiority feelings at all.

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  2. Well that’s right and I have the unfortunate habit of painting the past in colors of my own choosing.
    I will re-read the book.
    Have you read Twain’s Diaries of Adam and Eve? I’m absolutely certain that Eve sets fire to Eden at one point!
    By the way- Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Tirso de Molina. New to me ( I’m uneducated ) but your remark was intriguing and I have located some English editions.
    Thanks Rob.

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