Game Day

Quarter after eleven.

I’ve seen quite a few people this morning because I waited longer to go out. I had a fun little conversation with Jessica at the salon. Usually she’s rather shy and quiet, but when you get her talking she shows a remarkable brain and breadth of knowledge; maybe this is the reason why she keeps silent most of the time. From there I did my daily shopping and saw Deb, since it was after ten o’clock. At noon today the Oregon Ducks are playing football at home here in Eugene, I forget against which team. It should be a big occasion for a lot of fans, and an excuse to get drunk and rowdy. I suppose it’s a good catharsis for them. But when you think about it, getting emotional over football is silly because it’s something you have no control over. And win or lose, it’s a reason to drink. Celebrate a victory or drown your sorrows in defeat. The dice are loaded: you’re going to get trashed either way. I guess it’s the social bonding of it that makes it worthwhile. I used to enjoy Duck games many years ago, but I’ve lost some significant people since then, so now it wouldn’t be the same… Anyway, I imagine that the parking lots on River Road will be full of cars of fans who took the bus to the stadium. I’m kind of glad that I’m away from that hullabaloo, sitting where it’s calm and quiet. And then if we win the game, I can pretend that I really give a rip about it; but I’d know that it had nothing to do with me. 


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