Post about Passion


People just aren’t getting it. The Covid pandemic is nothing. What’s killing us is an epidemic of lovelessness. I know people who have never been in love their whole life, whose heart is inside their head. The world could really benefit from reading Dubliners by James Joyce, but since no one is doing this, I offer a post about passion. No one is alive whose life energy is entirely from the neck up. D.H. Lawrence said the body is the soul. Still, no one listens. I knew a former pastor who, symbolically, was paralyzed from the neck down. He stated that the job of human beings was to “subdue the earth,” whatever that means, but I think he referred to his own body. In my experience, spiritualization is sterilization, and it’s everywhere. People are a bunch of severed heads running around, feeling absolutely nothing. When will we realize that our heart is in our chest and not in our skull? We are a species of the undead, merely animated corpses, and again, to quote James Baldwin, “Funerals are for the living.” The shadow of the Cathedral twists us completely out of shape. And the New York City subway tunnels and rumbles its way through the dead of night, threatening to irrupt into broad daylight. 


One thought on “Post about Passion

  1. I’ve been wondering about hypnosis for some time and trying to find out if it can be used to exorcise some destructive obsessions and impulses. I haven’t come across an effective method that one sees in the dramatic stage performances, but I have learned enough to make me think that everyone is already unconsciously hypnotized. It’s the ” lost in a masquerade” effect that makes us cling to our beliefs and prejudices. Religion, politics, and advertising with their incessant repetition of “you deserve”, ” you need”, ” you should”, and so on are prime examples. Those will get you to behave or cough up money, and it works on another level too. It provides a shield against our terrors and/or blocks out unwanted ideas and emotions. It makes me wonder if there is such a thing as freedom, or if there is such a thing is it something that anyone wants.
    These thoughts may be too obvious or juvenile to waste time reading, but your post stimulated my response, so thank you.

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