Seven twenty.

I got up and took two ibuprofen right away. My dad’s birthday would be tomorrow. I’d like for my mind to be tidier than it is, but just accept it, I guess. I used to have a big dream of freedom for all individuals, but in practice it gets political and very tricky. Right now I’m too tired to think about it. It’s almost enough to watch the squirrels have fun in my backyard. I think Aesop wants me to go to the store. I hear some kind of sirens going on outside— speaking of freedom.

Quarter of ten. I’ve been hearing from quite a few people that I know. I’d been thinking the worst, yet such exaggeration is usually not realistic. It’s good to review the tenets of cognitive therapy when my mind gets unruly. In general, I might enjoy going back over Enlightenment thinking, and dare to know and be optimistic about knowledge. Right now the sky is powder blue and there’s no wind. A blue garbage truck just drove by my house because it’s Tuesday. By and by I’ll settle into a groove of the day. I stopped the cholesterol med five or six days ago; it had made me feel crappy, so it wasn’t worth it… I can’t seem to get my brain kickstarted today. It wants to relax and simply feel something. This wouldn’t be bad after being hyperactive for a long time. 

My mind is as motionless as the absent breeze. 


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