Monday Heat

Seven ten.

It is definitely a two Snapple day. The temperature inside the house got up to 80 degrees last night, and consequently my wits are quite scrambled. I have a Zoom appointment with Rebecca this morning about two hours away. I think I’ll just take it easy until then. If this isn’t the first day of summer, then it’s near to it. My dog’s coat doesn’t look good; he needs a bath or at least a brushing. It just seems impossible that today is a normal business day with the intense heat that puts you to sleep, yet Monday must go on. The sunshine on the back fence appears as the orange of tangerine, and the air is motionless. It was a long night. 

A song by U2 from War comes to mind, a tune barely remembered. I was a college freshman when I heard the entire album. After spring term ended, I took a plane trip back to Michigan to see my brother and his wife. But this morning I reflected that he’d been a complete jerk to me in more recent years, not worth my devotion to him. We don’t have that much in common, anyway. It’s as if we weren’t even related to each other— although I remember how I used to feel about him. We haven’t spoken in two and a half years, but usually I don’t think of it anymore. It was necessary to overcome our relationship for me to move on with my life of sobriety and independence. 

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