The University Ideal

Five o’clock in the morning.

I just made an interesting connection between Plato and Jung. Jung’s archetypes of the collective unconscious may be similar to the Forms in the spirit world of Plato. Both are a kind of cookie cutter for our conscious reality. I’m still not a fan of Jung due to his racism and his general snobbery, preferring Emerson’s open minded attitude toward people and knowledge. Underneath it all lives a universal truth that every thinker has had a shot at identifying. They each have given it names and personal features, yet the secret continues to shift shapes like a great amorphous blob of prime matter… Speaking of this, I looked up hylomorphism on Wikipedia and recognized some concepts from Aristotle I’d learned at the university long ago. I’m just an amateur philosopher muddling my way, but the important point is to never stop learning.

Six o’clock. It is criminal how people have been priced out of higher education in the United States. But at the same time, most students who get to go to college can hardly wait to graduate and start making money. They don’t appreciate what they have while they’re there… And then again, maybe the university is not a physical place with a geographical location. Perhaps it is the spirit of the desire to know and be the perpetual student. Somewhere in the spiritual universe resides the University Ideal, and like the New Jerusalem, a day will come when its Form materializes on earth. 


4 thoughts on “The University Ideal

  1. I remember once an administrator at our local community college made a crack about me being a “career student” because I hadn’t chosen a major and didn’t know what I wanted to do. If i’d been more confident I would have worn that label proudly and mocked the idea that learning was only a means to make a living.

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  2. The person who said that must have been pretty insensitive and maybe even ignorant. I’ve heard one person parody “PhD” as “pushed in the hole deeper.” She was probably jealous of those people.

    It’s never too late to beef up your education. I urge everyone to keep learning new ideas.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

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  3. I fear that the liberal arts and even more so the humanities are becoming the privilege of the elite as colleges are evolving to trade schools. A faculty colleague from Portugal likens it to what happened with the Industrial Industrial Revolution, when thousands of workers (i.e., bodies) needed to be trained to “work the machines.” But of course the people working the machines stay working the machines until the machines become obsolete.

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