Utility Again

Wee hours.

Since talking with Polly yesterday morning I’ve felt rather confused. According to her, some Christians believe that we’ve already seen the Antichrist, and a lot of other biblical prophecies are coming true. I don’t know what to do with this information. Maybe the safe thing is to file it away and not totally dispose of it. The leap to metaphysics is very hard for me to accept because it defies logic. A neighbor once opined to me that people with schizophrenia are possessed by the devil, and my reaction was to think how ignorant he was, and how mean and insensitive. If everyone believed his way, we schizophrenic people would still be chained in dungeons as in the Dark Ages. Think now: is that any way to treat a human being? This neighbor was a Catholic and a complete dunce, and I was thankful when his family moved away. I don’t know how to feel about religion, except I’ve seen how it can marginalize certain people, even force them into ghettos. It depends on the extremity of the belief.

I think the common denominator ought to be our humanity. The philosophy that makes the most sense to me is utilitarianism, the greatest happiness principle of John Stuart Mill. We should minimize pain for each other and maximize happiness, and all other issues are on the side. 

3 thoughts on “Utility Again

  1. Great observation… religion is man made..even the wisdom passed down from actual benevolent souls of the past, has been edited over generations to give us a bias text..often it’s about control … but thankfully there’s a shift in human consciousness now and more are questioning what the truth is… many have called it the Great Awakening… astrologers label it as the Age of Aquarius..the Age of Enlightenment and Self-empowerment. Have a great day! 🙏🏻😅🙏🏻

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  2. This morning I started an argument on FB for posting some facts about global commodity markets (oil, of course) and was admonished for “following a godless man” (presumably, Biden). People who can conflate global commodity prices with god, worship, or faith should be kept at a safe distance, I think.

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