Goodbye WordPress

Eleven ten. The tide has ebbed and exposed me as a person who is neither a Christian nor a Republican, but rather a lone philosopher seeking his own answers to the riddle of life. In the process, I seem to have worn out my welcome on WordPress, or anyway, no one is reading or liking my posts anymore. It occurs to me that I can do my writing elsewhere and not bother or burden you with my thoughts any longer. As it is, blogging is a waste of time and effort and money for me. The worst of it is the feeling of rejection by the people I’d believed I could count on. Perhaps I was deceived in thinking this. Whatever; times have changed, and so has the climate of the blogging community. At last I think I’ve come to the end of the line. Therefore goodbye and best wishes to all of you. 


6 thoughts on “Goodbye WordPress

  1. I go through these phases. You can’t do it for anybody but yourself – same thing with music. It’s a difficult place to get to and be happy with it. Just want you to know you’re not alone in those feelings.

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    1. WordPress just happens to be a convenient place to put them all. As good as any.

      I struggle to remember the old buddhist teaching of not getting attached to outcomes to maintain your own sense of peace, but it’s apt.

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  2. Also, you’re a very sensitive soul, which is why you can reach so deep. But that comes with its own dangers; the devotees used to say, “The material world is no ace for a gentleman.”

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