Long Day Ahead

Eight forty.

I’m still sick of lemon drops and lollipops, so I will just keep writing the truth. It is overcast this morning. The church filming is tonight, but I think I’ll stay home. I feel un American and unchristian. What does God have to do with anything? I take my medication and have no spiritual delusions. What excuse do others have for superstition? The mail carrier just drove by at a very odd hour. Will we have multiple deliveries today?

Quarter after ten. Karen was in a temper this morning. She called me in for a donut, so I accepted, but didn’t stay very long. I felt kind of bad for the girls. Kim was very cool. Aside, I told her to hang in there today. It may be a long one for them. Also I ran into Colin and Harry on the way home. Lolo came up to me to be petted. Such a nice dog. I saw that my ballot came in the mail last night, so without much delay I will vote and send it off Monday. Music: Vivaldi, his piece for guitar in D major. I wonder how he pulled off such a Modern sound for his century? I first heard it on Sesame Street when I was three years old, accompanied by a film of flowers in the rain. I’m not the only one who remembers that. I read someone’s comment on YouTube.

Eleven thirty. I noticed yesterday how much traffic my street gets. People think it’s a shortcut to Maxwell, I guess. I don’t know very much today. It’ll be a long and lazy day. I should open a book and forget everything for a while… Just one more word: obnoxious people suck. 


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