A Trip to the Pharmacy

Quarter after eight.

It dawned on me again this morning that Karen probably has a little crush on me. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a natural thing, and kind of cute of her. It’s odd how prudish people are these days. No one dares talk about the birds and the bees, as if it were a terrible sin. They don’t remember D.H. Lawrence or Katherine Mansfield. In my opinion, it’s a real shame. Thinking on the church right now, I’m still disinclined to go back. I’d rather my mind were free. Spirituality is not for everyone… My pilgrimage to the pharmacy ought to be kind of fun. I’ll go inside and look for doggie treats and maybe some Snapples for me.

Quarter of ten. My trip went very leisurely, free and easy to Bi Mart. I thought about my dad, and my resemblance to him both physically and mentally. His genes are not a bad thing to have, though my brother razzed me for them at every opportunity. He and my sister never liked my dad, and often by association disliked me as well. There’s nothing I can do about that. So, I embrace his heredity because no one else will… I purchased doggie treats, a six pack of Snapple, and my prescription all for nine dollars. In transit, I took Kourt Drive to the pharmacy, and Silver Lane from it. I went by the blue tennis courts behind the high school, which were being used by some older men. The asphalt walkway under the trees was also occupied by four people who ignored me as I passed. One of them wore an ID badge; I have no idea why. Inside the Bi Mart, I saw a long line of people waiting for their flu shot. I heard two guys talking current events while I was scanning the dog food and treats. Sherri, at the counter, was nice enough, but she’s never very enthusiastic about anything. She’s been employed there for countless years and still looks much the same. Ann has white hair now; for a long time she dyed it brown. Judi went to the same schools I did. When she graduated from North, she got a job at Bi Mart and has been there ever since. These people feel almost like family to me, as I’ve known them for so long… The byword for my day today is my dad. I think about him too seldom, but his blood and his spirit are with me always. 

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