Monday Night

Eight ten. Aesop understands that he has a package 📦 coming today. He dragged me to the front door and wanted me to check the mail. The carrier is late today, for I tracked the package with Amazon. It’s still out for delivery 🚚… I was doing some thinking about the role of cowardice in alcoholism, but that might be oversimplified. Yet it was helpful for me to meditate on courage when I first stopped drinking. I think I’ll go see Vicki tomorrow or Wednesday morning. I don’t know yet what I’m going to say. Aesop will need food tomorrow, so I’ll just do my usual… I hope I can sleep tonight, but I know that insomnia isn’t fatal. Eventually you will fall asleep, though it take a week or two. Right now I feel calmer than I did this afternoon. Gabapentin used to help me with anxiety but the side effects were getting intolerable. It’s been a weird day, and still no text back from the musicians. Fortunately life doesn’t depend on it. The mail is so late it’s ridiculous, but I wouldn’t want that job. It may feel like a long week. This is only Monday and already I want it to be Friday.

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