Revolving Doors

Quarter of six. At the pharmacy this morning, the cashier was Sherri, who’s always been nice enough, but no more than duty calls for. Chemistry between people is complicated. On the trail before I reached Bi Mart, I met a woman with a walkie-talkie and some guy. I don’t believe they were officials of any kind. I don’t know what they were doing there. I avoided them on my way back. It was nine o’clock, the time when I ran into homeless people another day in that place. It was a little creepy. After the pharmacy, I passed the storefronts and saw everyone wearing a mask. I had removed mine after leaving the walk up prescription window. I didn’t see many people when I got to Silver Lane. A pedestrian in front of me was slow, so I walked around her in the bicycle lane. People in general are isolating possibly a bit too much, so that it feels weird. I passed a couple of advancing young joggers, and the girl said hi through her mask. Her eyes were pretty. And a spry senior woman also said good morning as we passed on Grove. But overall it was a rather lonely walk to and from Bi Mart this morning at nine o’clock.


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