Friday Morning

Eight o’clock.

I just thought of how beautiful Aaron Copland is. He’s the quintessential American composer, making such a powerful statement in Fanfare for the Common Man and in Rodeo. I don’t think anyone really dislikes Aaron Copland. Even people abroad think he’s great. I should listen to Appalachian Spring again. It’s been many years since I heard it. The music will remind me of 1993 in the summertime, when my brother dropped the bomb on me concerning his hatred of our mother. It was a summer of disillusionment and decision for me. My choice was to remain faithful to my parents, and I still am… I dreamed last night that my sister had hacked into my bank account and stolen everything I had. Mom was alive and was trying to straighten it out with my bank. Apparently Sis took a trip to Disneyland with my money. She seemed like such a foreigner to me, with interests that I didn’t share. I think my dream is symbolic. I put stock in her belief system, and ultimately it wasn’t right for me. Now I’m fixing it up with my “bank.” …I will go to the store in a few minutes for a cranberry ginger ale and say hi to Michelle.

Nine thirty. I said hi to Cathy as well. It feels much cooler this morning, and it is overcast. It was good to get out for a bit. When it’s more temperate, I can think more clearly. Even Aesop forgets his snacks in the heat. Not much is going on. People are surviving but they aren’t having much fun, and that’s a pity. Life is meant to be enjoyed together… The time for Aesop’s breakfast approaches. Then maybe I’ll read a little of something interesting.


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