Grocery Outlet

Ten ten. That was a good trip. I asked a girl from the deli section where the dry salami was, so she smiled with her eyes and showed me. They had moved it from its usual place. Then I picked up two pounds of sharp cheddar and a jar of dill spears. I had already gotten the sourdough. On my walk there, I didn’t see much that was interesting. A new house is being built near the four way intersection of Silver Lane and Grove Avenue. The house is big, with arches and skylights, destined to be expensive. Out of curiosity I looked over at the veterinary hospital parking lot and saw no one. A couple of spaces in the strip mall are available for rent. It looked rather ghostly. The distancing rules at the store were not as strict as I had feared. I think Bi Mart is more paranoid, but then, it has always been more conservative. Outside the building, I passed the windows where I could see stacks of beer cases. I thought to myself, Never again. Close to home, I said hi to my neighbor James. His hearing is not very good, and he seemed sort of dazed. He’s in his seventies. Finally I got inside my house and opened the bread: delicious, fresh and perfect. The weather is still cloudy and cooler, thank goodness.


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