Courage or Corona?

Wee hours. I just updated my home page as long as I was awake. I don’t worry about insomnia because I know I’ll fall asleep when I’m exhausted. Eventually I pass out. I wrote a thoughtlessly vain email to my friend a few hours ago that I immediately regretted. So I pursued it with a brief apology… On my trip to Bi Mart yesterday noon, I took account of the incidence of face masks in the parking lot. The ratio was about 75:25 percent, masked to unmasked. I saw one woman whose attitude seemed a bit brazen with no mask. I paid four dollars for my Vraylar, a very far cry from the list price of over fourteen hundred. And now I remember why I opted to stay on SSI. Shawn was very grateful for my business. I’m grateful for Medicare. My brother used to envy my benefits so bitterly, to the point where I couldn’t listen to him anymore. So much of my break with my family is over money. They seem to think I’m a lucky golden boy who gets everything for nothing. But there’s no sense in arguing with them. The centerpiece of my nephew’s video library was a movie called Unforgiven. Nothing more need be said… I have a feeling that Mike will never want to play music with us again. The media keeps working the coronavirus thing for all it’s worth, scaring the shit out of paranoid people. I guess I’m one of those brazen people with no mask. To hell with it. Fear is unreasoning, and courage is rare.


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