Utility Is Simple

You have to face down your worst fears if you’re going to quit drinking. One of mine was that I might turn out to be some sociopath. The way my family reacted to me, I never knew. My grandmother and my sister had such extreme views on “selfishness”— really very irrational and unrealistic. My sister’s speeches always harp on this same string. It is the only moral philosophy she knows. But not even the Bible condemns egoism, or makes a huge issue of it. Anyhow, I had to reject the family doctrine that “selfishness is wrong.” If I hadn’t, then I would still worry about being a psychopath.

Nine ten. Now I don’t know: was my education from the University of Oregon an evil thing? It was secular, but that doesn’t necessarily mean wicked. Then there’s my sister’s religion with its built in racism. People have various attitudes toward sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Yet everyone believes that they are right. I guess a moderate position is the one to take when I consider all the extremes, the polarities that divide people. And breezing through everything are the winds of change. Historians say that history is cyclical and tends to repeat itself. Philosophers say that history is a rational process, working toward ever greater freedom. Ultimately, humanity is free and responsible to choose whichever way it goes. We can go in a better direction, or we can steer ourselves further into the darkness. Meanwhile, I go about my daily peripatetic routine, taking in the sights and sounds, trying to be a good utilitarian, keeping people happy. Happiness is a simple concept, nor is it difficult to practice.


3 thoughts on “Utility Is Simple

  1. Thanks Rob…Good to be back and still find your motivating likes on my posts… (t’was like ah old friends haven’t forgotten 😄) and of course your pieces (that goes without saying)!!! Fun stuff…ummm was trying to socialize a bit, offline. But not being a very social person, that got a little hectic and everybody is not really spreading happiness, like you do…so the socializing exercise started as aah seems like fun… then oh ok not so much… finally leave me alone, i need a break! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 “the thoughtful soul to solitude retires” 😄😄
    ps : i was doing this socializing bcoz i moved to a different city away from my own, whr i had my amazing friends. Here bcoz of various reasons i was not able to make friends yet and i thought high time now i should! 🤣

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