Byron or Buddha?

Seven forty. During my phone appointment this morning, Todd discussed with me some options for talk therapy. One of them came from a spiritual approach and aimed at the client’s self abnegation. As a knee jerk response I blurted, “Eww! I don’t think I’d like that.” I didn’t think about what I was saying, though I know it was honest and authentic. It was too much like Serenity Lane indoctrination had been. And I’m too much of a Byronic person to blow away my ego. Obliteration of the will is the goal of Buddhism. Success in doing this is to reach nirvana— theoretically. The Twelve Steps borrows from Buddhism, or so it seems to me. I can’t prove where Bill Wilson got his inspiration for the program. Anyway, the spiritual talk therapy is not for me. Todd said deciding to do therapy depends on what I want to get out of it. This is a good point, because I don’t really know. Right now I’m inclined to forget the whole idea. Maybe I’m just a Faust freak. If I could have all the knowledge in the world, what would I do with it? Not so much the knowledge in the world, but the knowledge of the world and existence itself.

3 thoughts on “Byron or Buddha?

  1. The Hare Krishna devotees were big on self-denial of material comforts. Only the basics and the rest was bhakti-yoga. Depending on your success, the third stage of life, Sanyasi, required you to renounce all your material attachments and wander the world as an ascetic preacher, staying in one location no more than three days.

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  2. In practice, I’ve only seen the Twelve Steps done here in Oregon. People regard themselves as “the hole in the donut” and bend over backwards to be serviceable to others. Basically it’s an altruistic discipline and not as bad as what you describe.

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