Friday Morning

Quarter after ten. I received a letter supposedly from Trump announcing my economic impact payment. At first I was afraid when I saw the return address of the IRS. Did they want to audit me? I’ve been to the store already and bought dog food. I walked past Karen’s salon, which was partly covered with balloons. I helped Kim put up the purple and orange flags. It’s a beautiful day for a reopening. Kim said they would have a very busy day today and tomorrow. She was dreading it a little. I remember how nice Karen and Angela were for the week of Christmas. I went inside for a few cookies every day. It was a strange season because I avoided church for the holidays. I don’t know what was wrong with me. I just felt depressed and not in the spirit. The weather was so gloomy too. Unlike today, with Jennifer out mowing her lawn. Also the black ants are back in my kitchen, so I hit them with more white vinegar. I hear the hum of a weed whacker somewhere out front. It is always best to go with what you know, and what you don’t know, investigate. Not to speculate but look and see. Empiricism is the best practice because it works.

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