Thursday Morning

Quarter of eleven.

Vicki was very nice to me at the store this morning. The rain was very light, so I only got a little wet. For a change I bought a sandwich. I deliberated over the sodas and finally opted against Coca-Cola. Caffeine gives me insomnia and shortness of breath. So I got a ginger ale. My mood is better today; something good must have happened. I’ve received three postcards from the Democratic Party beseeching me to vote. I finally did it yesterday. It’s true that I’ve avoided voting for months, maybe years. It might be kind of exciting to watch the election returns this fall, particularly if the rest of my family voted Republican. We used to squabble over political issues such as food stamps and any services for people with disabilities. My oldest nephew was a complete jerk about “the system.” He carried a pistol everywhere with him, daring people to say something. A real piece of work. He acted as if he owned Facebook, and no one else had the right to express their own opinions. At last I deactivated my account because my whole family was on Facebook and hated my guts. I picked WordPress instead. It has worked out quite well in the past three years.


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