Rational Love

I miss seeing Heidi from Laurel Hill every two weeks. She is very cute and fun to be around. Suddenly my brain plays an old song by Pat Metheny Group off of American Garage. I don’t recall the song title, but it’s the last track on Side A… It was called “The Search.” I used to listen to this album in the fall of 1989, when I took my course in James Joyce. It was a cassette tape purchased at Record Garden on the Downtown Mall. The streets then were still closed to facilitate the foot traffic. Later, they were reopened because of the trouble with mall rats panhandling and badgering people. I remember being a benevolent guy, passive and clueless to where he was going. My friends were all musicians. It would have been nice to have made some friends from the university, but music was a stronger glue at the time. Many of the English majors I met were very nice, but the faculty and staff could be terrible snobs. The very nicest students were Lori and Catherine; also the brightest. Lori made a little money grading exams and papers for a professor. Katie wrote prize winning essays. We had a few great conversations standing on sidewalks, street corners, and inside the Education building. Dunno: which really was the stronger bond, music or the rational love I shared with people like Catherine? Today, my good friends tend not to be musicians anymore. Maybe this answers my question.


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