Five thirty five.

Start with some exploratory writing. The day is dawning gray as the full moon goes down like a paper lantern. People try to be honest and upright, truthful and good. Sometimes our traditions overlook us, make us feel marginalized or persecuted. I think suspending judgment is important. I once had a doctor, a certain Denise, who was a practicing white Muslim. She covered her head with a scarf. If I could forgive her Islam, she could forgive my alcoholism. But the general public here did not agree. Her son was picked on in school, and eventually Denise left Oregon for Washington DC, where she had family. I thought it was an embarrassment for my State to be so intolerant. We’re only a bunch of hillbillies out here after all, and we proved it yet again. The truth of life is much broader than our fictions can encompass. Therefore, the merits of each case ought to be considered… I can’t sleep again. Sooner or later I will pass out from sheer exhaustion. I am so tired of depending on virtual reality for the duration of the pandemic. When is this going to end? I could go throw my iPad in the Willamette River! There, it would find many other tablets to keep it company.

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