Thursday Hike

Ten thirty.

Been to Bi Mart, bought dog food and picked up my prescription. Encountered one person inside the store who was paranoid about the virus. Didn’t want to come close to me while I was looking at the dog food. He waited until I was through to approach. Almost everyone was masked— perhaps figuratively as well as literally. It was not a very good trip. The best part was passing Colin on my street. He was walking his dog Lolo. We stopped and chatted about the lockdown for a few minutes. He said he is planning a big block party for after this thing is over. Hamburgers and beer for everybody. I told him I can’t drink, but I would if I could. Colin also said he heard me playing my bass as he was walking past my house. He thought I should play it out in my front yard for the party. Funny. We talked about how we had to imagine ahead to keep our sanity… I forgot to take my iPhone with me and snap pictures of the clouds. I felt depressed going in one direction, but the way back was better. It’s good to hear that someone is still interested in rock and roll. And hamburgers and beer!

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