Inspired by O’Connor

Blank verse is but a vehicle to show

By means of meter walking with a stick

The riddle of the Sphinx, the man by night

Who in the morning crawls on hands and knees

And who’s the wiser one, old man or child

Revealed in metric feet that limp away

With in one hand a tapping cane of white

The other holds a cup of can you spare

Blind man can see that Jesus is the Light

And recommends that we repent our sins

But where the story leads I do not know

Unless I read it, or invent my own

Blind leader, guided by the pentameter

Do you foresee the fate the Sphinx ordained?

He hears the question, choosing to ignore

And tapping, heedless marches into dusk

Sundown of now is sunrise of tomorrow

But here my metric feet begin to stumble

On the horizon walks in silhouette

With cane and cup the old man to his Light

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