Potpourri and Benediction

My writing can’t decide what it wants to be, so it ends up being all of it. Sometimes it’s more poetic, other times more technical and philosophical, and still others something like journalism. But it all comes out of my soul, and this unifies the stuff in a whole… So when I don’t know what to write, I write it anyway and trim the fat later.

I note that Aesop is getting mellower with age day by day. Taking him to the vet last Thursday went better than I expected. He received his vaccines and should be all set for another year. We are great friends, even though I’d believed I could never handle a big dog. He respects me enough to try to behave and make me happy. I’m fortunate that he is so intelligent and able to communicate with me. Living with me has rendered him quite unique among cattle dogs. He spends all his time indoors except to do his business. He shares my bed at night. In some ways, he is spoiled, but not in others. His devotion to me is unquestionable. Aesop makes the best watchdog I’ve ever owned; I can leave the house without locking the front door because any intruder would be lunch for him…

I’m watching as the sun goes to bed in the west. It’s been a medium kind of day, with just one excursion this morning. Darlene is in hospice care, and depressed about her lot because a nurse spilled all the beans to her. She told her even that she had only six months to live. So now, Darlene has no zest for life at all, and just mopes in a wheelchair. When I go to Bi Mart to pick up my Vraylar, I will look for a card for Darlene. I’ll buy a big one, sign it, and take it to Karen ASAP. The cover image should be something cute, with puppies or ponies or something like that. Bright colors and flowers. It’s just awful what adversities have hit the salon since the burglary last fall. It is important to spread some good karma over the place, some benedictions and some love.


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