It’s a Racket

Three twenty. Suddenly, I feel a little tired from our wild trip to the animal hospital. Everybody was pretty nice, considering Aesop being so nervous and difficult. After all, he is a dog, not a monster. Big dogs are vulnerable and fearful like small dogs sometimes. I was able to weigh him on the scale at 68.2 pounds. The vet found no fleas in his coat. His heart sounded fine, no murmur. She prescribed a sedative for him for the next time he goes to the vet. And then, the walks to and from the hospital went without incident. Aesop was pretty good on his lead. He didn’t try to chase cars or attack any people.

Four thirty. The sun is westering outside my back door, and in some ways my yard looks beautiful. The four trees make it what it is… Looking back, I can’t believe I took Aesop to the vet this morning! You mean, we were actually there? We were assigned to a small exam room with a metal table that doubled as a scale. Debbie showed me where the treats were in case Aesop was inclined. She said she didn’t know what to do. The vet’s assistant came in and spoke to me with a quavering voice, asking about Aesop’s general health. Then Dr Y—- entered and gave a cursory exam and the two injections of serum. Aesop was muzzled for these procedures. But I think I was a little bit in shock during and after the appointment.

Ten thirty. We hardly ever go to the vet anymore. Aesop had one toenail trim that turned out disastrous, so after that I’ve kept him home. We only go in to keep his vaccinations current. He gets his annual physical exam, and that’s all. When he needs flea medication, a euphemism for poison, I go over there by myself and buy it. Whether deliberately or not, I’ve taken the dice with Aesop’s health and saved myself a lot of money and grief. He is just as happy without frequent visits for toenail trims and dentals and whatever else they can dream up to gouge money out of you. When we do put in an appearance, the game is Howdy Strangers. And then we’re all done and set up for another year.


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