“Remember My Name”

Eleven o’clock.

I’d forgotten what a celebrity Poe was in his own time. My mother knew that about his life, and somehow the expectation of fame devolved upon me when I was still fifteen. If it didn’t originate with her, then I put the pressure on myself. There’s a psychological reason for my revival of interest in Poe, something yet unclear. But it coincides with my efforts in music, which lately have intensified. The question now on my mind is, What if I fail? What if obscurity is my doom? Who will love me, if not the faceless crowd crammed into the concert hall? The fact is that no one plans to be famous, or if they do, few realize the dream. The people in my youth who believed I would be the next John Lennon were as deluded as I was. What recognition, what love from other people, can I settle for that isn’t world renown? How did my obsession get started? I feel the importance of this question of fame at the same time I make another effort at this elusive and quixotic goal.

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