A Bit of Science

Nine twenty. I read a little of Loren Eiseley, an American naturalist writer in the tradition of Thoreau, and prior to Sagan and Stephen Jay Gould. A science popularizer with poetic sensibilities. Among other things, he comments on human vanity when we deem ourselves supreme as a species, for the reality is that another and greater species is likely to follow us and dig up our own fossils. I just finished the chapter about water’s quintessence. Eiseley relates an anecdote of saving a frozen catfish, cutting him out of the ice and taking him home to see if he would survive. In fact he did after thawing out. Eventually he jumped out of his water and died, presumably in his restlessness to be back in the wild… The sun is out in a sky of part cloudiness. It foreshadows the coming springtime, or perhaps I’m eager for that. Usually in February we get snow, but with the advance of global warming, no one knows what to expect weather wise. One winter there was a severe flood, and of course the media made a video of it to sell. Anything for a profit. I haven’t heard from the tech yet. He has another two hours to his window. I can’t go to the store until he’s been here…

He called me and said it’ll be another two hours, so I walked to the store— where the aisles are being rearranged on the owner’s whim. What was to the left is now on the right side of the store and vice versa. It’s just an example of how things change. I kind of like it. Things that don’t change or adapt to change tend to be swept away. A rolling stone gathers no moss. Time never stands still, nor is it a fiction that things generate and corrupt. If I were a mathematician, then I might have a better understanding of the physics of time. Aristotle struggled with the problem of why entities come into being and pass out of it. When I think about it, the Ancient Greek philosopher devised for all posterity the alphabet of logic and of the analysis of existence. His lecture notes provide the building blocks for all subsequent science. Indeed, Aristotle was the first scientist. He is an archetype…

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