Wednesday Morning

When I got up, the eastern sky was magenta. I thought, Red skies at morning, sailor take warning. I poked around in some boxes and found my textbook for first year French. In the same box were my books of Homer and Immanuel Kant. There may be one or two more unopened boxes. It just takes me longer to do anything because my motivation is so low. I flipped through the French a little and remarked to myself how I’d learned that stuff drunk. The pages didn’t look very familiar. But the Homer epics were inviting: I never did read The Iliad, and I think that’s important. The abduction of Helen of Troy and the subsequent war is a classic story. And Achilles, who was invulnerable in combat except for one spot where the magical waters hadn’t touched him: his heel. And Odysseus brainstormed the Trojan Horse… The sky now is seamless gray overcast, very dark. Today is verdict day for Chad’s company. They’ve had their last chance. After this, Nate will send in his own people if necessary to finish the house. I hope Polly and I can get together for lunch before the end of the week. I’ve had enough of strangers entering my home and disturbing everything. I see that it’s windy outside; the magnolia shifts a bit. It is probably bitter cold like yesterday. I’ll experience it firsthand when I go to the store. I hope it doesn’t snow as it is rumored it will. But then, I don’t have to drive a car in it if it does snow. And if it does, I might as well enjoy the natural beauty of the phenomenon.

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